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Praised for his “Brilliant, nigh-on, angsty vocals,” Montreal-born, New York City-based recording artist Matt Shapiro has 4 solo albums and multiple collaborations to his name. His songs have been featured on TV shows around the world including Melrose Place, Web Dreams, Charlie Jade, and the Gemini Award-winning 15 Love. Halls of White, Matt’s progressive house music crossover-collab with DJ-producer Tone Depth, was released worldwide by Noir Music in 2016 and hailed as a “remarkable vocal tune.”

Matt’s modern electro sound blends lo-fi synths, 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, and swooning, reverb-drenched vocals and has echoes of New Wave, Post-Punk and Brit-Pop. Imagine The Cars as played by 90’s Radiohead- anthemic, sleek, and a little gnarly, but still limber enough to fit through your bedroom doorframe..

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